5 Possible Reasons You Have Acne

5 Possible Reasons You Have Acne

There are might be several reasons why you have acne scars on your skin or why you experience different acne issues but they can just be the potential causes. It’s really essential that you visit the right skin specialist that provides acne scars treatment in Dubai or provides help in reducing the factors that cause acne to happen.

For this purpose, first you need to diagnose the problems in your daily routine and what is causing acne so that you can have a clear idea about what sort of treatment is required to solve your issues readily.

There are many clinics that provide acne solutions and PRP hair treatment, Dubai so that you can treat your acne and also have healthy hair growth at the same time.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 possible reasons you have acne to help you understand the various reasons related to it.

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1. Hormonal Imbalance

The most common type of issue that causes acne on your skin is the fluctuation in hormones. They usually happen due to some troubles before or during the menstrual cycle. This type of situation causes acne around the face, neck, back, and chins areas.

2. Stress

Stress can be one of the major and influential factors causing acne as it also causes hormonal changes in your body. If your stress levels are high, the adrenal gland in your body helps in dealing with the stress so that your body can heal quickly, however, the extra stress can lead to certain breakouts in your skin through the oil glands that produce oil.

3. Pollution

Some people have delicate skin and when they have to go for work or step outside more frequently, they might face air pollution that causes ace to happen. That’s why the skin specialists recommend using a good cleansing lotion or a toner, and a good sunblock to prevent your skin from extra damage.

4. Over washing your face

Sometimes too much care can also lead you towards worse scenarios such as over washing your face or cleansing it too frequently. When you already have acne on your skin, it’s better to use a medicated face wash and recommended skin products by your specialist that can help in reducing acne.

5. Specific foods

Certain foods can also cause acne such as fried foods, oily or spicy foods, caffeine, and nuts. Also, other dairy products or chocolates can also have an effect on your skin and can be termed as acne-causing-foods.