6 Essential Clothing Items for Women Visiting the UAE

6 Essential Clothing Items for Women Visiting the UAE

The UAE market offers a lot of brands and styles to the people especially the women whether they want to choose Arabic Jalabiya design clothing or any other preferred traditional type of clothing, they can easily order online or even visit the stores to get their favorite styled clothing.

People from all over the world love the culture in the UAE and they want to follow the trends in the country occasionally.

For this purpose, many women even look for a Dubai Kurta or a Jalabiya so they can flaunt it and show their love for the country and the people.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 6 essential clothing items for women visiting the UAE so they can shop all they want during their stay in the city.

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1. Jalabiya

Jalabiya is a comfortable and modest form of dressing in the UAE. It is mostly worn by people in the Arabian countries and also by the women that don’t have much time in their hands and want to look their best for different occasions.

2. Niqab

A niqab is like a covered mask for the face for all the women living in the UAE. It also protects the women from scorching rays of the sun by covering almost every part of their face while showing the area around the eyes only. Many women try niqab to receive a new experience while others prefer to buy it so they can follow the same culture.

3. Abaya

An abaya is the modest form of clothing in the UAE that is mostly worn by the women as they think it’s the part of their religious and cultural belief. It is more like a beautiful black gown but with a decent design and overall look.

4. Kurta and Trousers

You can also try thousands of kurtas and trousers from Dubai’s finest collection and range available in all stores and online too. They are stitched beautifully to fit all the sizes and they are offered in many different colors too.

5. Shumagh

A shumagh is similar to a typical keffiah except is it mostly worn in winters and loved more by women who like to wear stylish and colorful clothes.

6. Dishdasha

A dishdasha is a long shirt with and has a two buttoned neck. It has cufflinks and it’s tight unlike shumagh and other clothing that are loose. It is a stylish form of clothing.