Surprising facts about Oil Pulling

Surprising facts about Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a remedy basically found by the people of sub-continent and now it is recognized world wide. This method is cheap and also very useful to make your teeth white. This is the reason that today people consider it as a remedy of best teeth whitening Abu Dhabi. There is a proper procedure to follow while you are using this method to get the best results from it. You can find out here the whole procedure step by step:

Firstly you have to take organic oil for this purpose because synthetic oils will not give you the desired results. They do help in making your oral health better but organic will do magic. You can take any organic oil like coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil or any other which you can buy easily but the best to use is coconut oil.

In the second step take a spoonful of the oil. You have to take a good amount of it so that it will be squirted to every corner of your mouth. Having less amount will make the process a bit difficult.

In the third step you have to budge it in your mouth for a good 20 minutes. Just don’t take it and be still, you have to continuously move it in your whole mouth while performing different motions like chew, suck, sip and round for twenty minutes.

Last and fourth step is to spit it out and then rinse your mouth meticulously with water. Rinsing is very necessary as it will take all the bacteria, food particles and teeth stains with it so you have to be very careful while spitting.

There are some tips to make this process even more beneficial. The first one is to use it on daily basis as slow and steady wins the race. It is better to use it at night so that all the bacteria which flourished in your mouth during all day food consumption will be move out and you will go to bed bacteria free. Another tip is to drink one or half liter water after this process this will not only make you feel fresh but also has many health benefits. It will help in strengthening your digestive system and maintain your metabolic rate as well. It will also help you in maintaining your weight.