Top 10 Types of Cheese

Top 10 Types of Cheese

Cheese is one of the most favourite dairy product world-wide. There are 19 different types of cheese in the world. Many of them vary in colour and taste. Some are as white as cream while some are typical yellow. We have discussed 10 different types of cheese which you can find at the stores of cheese suppliers in Dubai.

Brie: If you want fat-rich cheese then soft and scrumptious Brie should be your first choice. The creamy flavour and texture of France-originated cheese will make you fall in love with its flavour. 

Camembert: It is one of the most favourite cheese of people around the world. The pale-yellow coloured cheese is tastier than Brie as it has a deeper taste of cheese than Brie. 

Cheddar: Cheddar cheese is the most famous cheese in the world. There are many types of cheddar but mild cheddar and vintage cheddar are recognized the most. 

Cottage Cheese: If you want proteinaceous cheese then get cottage cheese. The white and soft cheese has a salty flavour and soft texture. You can add its cubes in Asian cuisines to make them tastier. 

Cream Cheese: As the name suggests, cream cheese has softness and sweetness of the cream. You can spread like butter on bread or use it to prepare the cream for your cakes. Yet, you cannot have it daily as it is rich in fats. 

Feta Cheese: It is one of the most nutritious cheese you can have in the diet. The white and crumbly cheese is made of goat’s milk; therefore, it is beneficial for skin and a great source to get calcium and proteins. 

Gouda: It is another famous cheese in the world. Unlike brie and cottage cheese, gouda can be light to dark yellow. The cheese is hard or semi-hard. It is quite different from other types of cheese. 

Havarti: It is quite similar to Gouda. Like Gouda, its flavour and strength changes as it ages. Young Havarti is tangy while older ones have a sharp taste. 

Mascarpone: Mascarpone is originated in Italy. It has a cream-like appearance and soft texture. Like cream cheese, you can spread it on bread or cake easily.

Mozzarella: Mozarella is another most favourite cheese of cheese lovers because of its chewy and soft texture. The cheese is prepared from the milk of buffalo. You can use it in pizzas and lasagne. 

So, these are some of the types of cheese. You can get any of them at any store of condensed milk in Dubai in your locality.