Quick Guide to Balloons

Quick Guide to Balloons

Balloons are one of the first things that come to mind when we talk about any celebration in general. From birthdays to anniversaries, graduation to success parties and everything in between balloons are something which makes everything complete. Now because they are such an important part of every occasion, it is important to know the types available and their benefits.


  • Party balloons are the ones which can be bought in abundance in cheap. They are usually round or in oval shape made out of latex, there are sometimes fun messages printed on them as well.
  • Foil balloons are made of nylon sheet which holds helium gas better than latex or rubber. They look and feel metallic in appearance and can have images printed on them as well. They are widely used in weddings and parties.
  • Mylar balloons are made of polyester film and look the same as foil balloons. Because they are a little expensive, they are generally used for party decorations on bigger scale.
  • Helium balloons can be made easily by filling up helium gas in the rubber balloons. The idea behind using helium gas rather than the normal one is to make the balloon float in the air. This is an effortless way to bring life to the parties with decorations which catches the eye. Helium balloons in Abu Dhabi also last longer than any other gas and can be left free in the sky as a memory.

Benefits of Helium balloons

  • Cost effective:

Balloons are something which looks pretty only when they are spread out and decorated in abundance. If you are trying going to opt for a large number of balloons then latex helium is the best option as they can be bought in significantly less rates as foil or Mylar balloons. This is how you can save on decoration to spend money on birthday cakes Dubai.

  • Diverse use:

Other types of balloons can be used very specifically. If you opt for latex balloons, you can use them in many different manners such as filling them with normal gas, helium gas, water or any such substance. They can be used as simple decoration or a surprise packed balloon burst with glitters and confetti.